Sunday, November 9, 2008

lower my blood sugar : Blood sugar is good; not so sure about my mental health...

I’ve been managing my blood sugar pretty well lately. My 7 day average on my meter is 97. That should put by A1C count below 6, but I’m going in for my 3 month blood work this week, so the truth will come out after that…

Saturday was pretty rough for me. I went to a software conference with some friends. Breakfast was donuts, lunch was chips and white bread hoagie sandwiches, and the after party was liquor and fried foods.

I ate as healthy as I could and avoided most of the offerings, but it left me feeling a bit depressed like I was the odd man out. Today I slept half the day and I’m not sure if that was from being depressed or due to this sinus infection; maybe it was a bit of both.

I also have this terrifying fear these days that my blood sugar will go low while I’m sleeping and that I’ll go in to a coma. I had this extremely vivid nightmare last where I had gone in to a coma. In it I couldn’t move my body and I was trying to scream for my wife to help me, but nobody could hear me, because my body was totally paralyzed and I was really only screaming inside my head.

I wonder what a coma is really like, In my nightmares though I am totally aware of everything, but all I can do is lie there and no one knows that I’m fully aware of everything. That would be hell on earth.

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