Sunday, November 9, 2008

100 Pushups : Week 5 Day 2 (Fourth try!)

I’m quite tired of this program right now… I will be glad when the 100 is past.

My sets today were 19,19,22,22,18,18,22,42. Total was 182. If I wasn’t feeling like crap from a sinus infection I think today would have been the day :(.

This past week I also have skipped the gym for the ENTIRE week :( This was solely due to the fact that I had a large project at work that had to be ready to go live this coming Monday.

This coming week will see me back in the gym and back at my regular routine. Tomorrow I’m going to start out with some time in the sauna to try and cook out this sinus infection and then get in a good workout session to get my energy level back up.

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