Friday, January 9, 2009

Master the Stair Master - Week 1

Let me start by saying I absolutely hate the Stair Master. I have tried it several times and I am no good at it and feel dead tired after 2 minutes, so I always just go right back to the tread mill or the bike where I feel much more comfortable.

My end goal here is to be able to do 45 minutes continuous on the Stair Master.

I started out this week by doing 5 minutes on the Stair Master Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This isn’t much but it is a start.

I am going to start off with a modest goal of increasing the duration by only 1 MINUTE each week. So next week I will do the Stair Master for 6 minutes for 3 days. Week 3 will be 7 minutes, etc… With just that modest of a goal I should hit my goal of 45 minutes in 40 weeks; that seems quite doable and it gives me a time frame that I can hit this year.

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