Tuesday, December 9, 2008

100 Pushups : Final Week? (Day 1)

As I mentioned in a prior post I have strayed from Week 6 of the program as it just hasn’t been working for me. I started by repeating Week 6 Day 1 a couple of times, then mixing in some more difficult push-up variations (one-armed/inclined/etc)... but without a solid direction.

Eventually I decided since what was working for me about the initial weeks of the program was the gradual increase of reps per set that I would just tack on some of my own days that just have higher per set reps than Week 6 Day 1.

So today’s sets were as follows.
1) 50
2) 65
3) 50
4) 60
Max) 90!


Today was amazing and a huge accomplishment while simultaneously a incredible frustration! When I was performing my max set I was feeling a serious burn by 75, sheer determination kicked in telling me that I could do more reps than last time. At 80 the pain was sort of hiding in the back of my mind while this loud voice was screaming in my head, “You are going to get the 100 tonight, do it! DO IT!” As I was pushing out the next ten though my arms turned into a jiggling screaming mass. The last 2 reps were a totally incredible feat and I literally rolled onto my back and screamed out loud in frustration knowing that the 100 just wasn’t going to happen tonight! :(

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