Friday, October 3, 2008

197 off of a small bowl of granola!

Cereal really does a number on me. This morning I had a small bowl of granola cereal for breakfast. It was right around 45grams of carbs total, so 3 carb servings. My recommended carb servings per meal to control my blood sugar is supposed to 4-5. Just one hour later I was up to 197! I high tailed it over to the gym before work and hit the treadmill for 15 minutes. Just that 15 minutes on the treadmill dropped me back down to 80.

I’ve played around with a multiple cold cereals and Wheaties seems to have the least affect on my blood sugar, but even that is putting me up to 160 at the one hour point. That is still too high.

This is always my worst point in the day. I really need to get up early enough to cook some healthy for breakfast or to workout after eating.

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